Intelligent Business Assistant

There is an opportunity for AI/ML solutions in businesses today. With technology such as MindsDB, Synthesia, and OpenAI Codex, you can have your business questions answered, charts generated and reports fixed in real-time. By talking to an Intelligent Business Assistant.

Intelligent Business Assistant
Digital Avatar of an asian newscaster explaining a financial chart to business executives --test --ar 16:5

If you know someone that has worked in corporate over the past decades, you may have heard the term "Business Intelligence" and may have even heard of solutions such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, SAP BusinessObjects, SAS and so so so many more...

You may wonder: "That's those big data consultants that make the big bucks, right?"

Sure enough, Big Data has been a thing, ever since we have entered the so-called "Information Age". But Big Data has always come with the same embedded understanding: "Big Data is a Problem". As the manager in charge of Big Data, you are the Avatar & Gatekeeper of Big Problems inside your company.

Machine Learning solutions have come a long way in the past decade. We now have solutions such as IBM Watson, Deepmind and OpenAI that go through billions and even trillions of datapoints to try and understand how it all fits together. The goal is to create models that allow us to better understand our challenges and map out a future for the businesses we operate in.

Many third parties brought easy solutions to old problems. And trust me, as someone that had to tune the SQL related to these reports... as someone that had to wake up at 3AM Monday morning, to make sure the database is up and running for the KPI meeting at 7AM... some of those third party solutions have been a gift from heaven!

But now we enter a new age. A new dawn of time. We demand more than just Big Data Problems, we want Big Data Solutions. AI Solutions.

With OpenAI alone, you could even take a simple CSV file, and have GPT-3 make predictions, and give you interpretations

GPT-3 making predictions based on a random CSV file, and interpreting the data for human understanding.

But let's take this one step further! With technology which exists today, such as MindsDB, Synthesia.

This wonderful lady, Anna, could be in your boardroom, linked to MindsDB, interpreting your questions into database queries and helping you make sense of all that data.

Anna, an AI avatar. Powered by Synesthesia.IO

Want to take it a step further? OpenAI Codex can generate websites for you. With a little bit of effort, a model could be trained to generate JavaScript powered charts to help visualize and interpret your data to help you with your KPIs and OKRs in a meaningful way.

Remember that time you had your KPI meeting and someone crunched the wrong data? Or you found out you need a new dataset in there, which you now need to fetch for the next meeting? That's OVER! You can now fix that report real-time by just asking for it!

"Anna. Add Customer Satisfaction, to the current chart, and tell me how it affected our bottom line over the past 5 years."

You may think it will take years before this go live... but, no. This is something that is possible with technology existing today. But alas, not yet available on the market.

On behalf of Parti.AI:
A heartfelt Thank You to all you amazing AI/ML engineers out there, for making all of this possible!

What about you? Do you see opportunity for such solutions in your business?

Let us know in the comments below, or better yet... join us on our Discord Server!