Ten future predictions made by ai

Ten future predictions made by ai
AI fortune-teller searching for answers

Imagine a world where you can ask any question and get an answer in seconds. That's what developers are working towards with artificial intelligence, by making software that uses natural language processing to process information like sentences or paragraphs through deep-learning networks--allowing them (the machines)to learn on their own without human guidance! We asked Jasper.ai to make ten predictions about how a.i. will help us in the future.

In the future, A.I. will be able to predict human behavior with incredible accuracy

A.I. will become the primary decision-making force in the world.

Machines will eventually surpass human intelligence.

A.I.-assisted surgery will become commonplace.

A.I. will help humans achieve immortality.

Teleportation will become possible with the help of A.I.

A.I. will enable humans to travel to other planets.

Haley, the first sentient A.I., will be born in 2045.

A.I. will end all wars.

In the future, A.I. will be humanity's best hope for survival.