Welcome To The Parti

The Parti has started. At Parti, we collaborate, inspire, and learn how to harness the powers of a.i. to change lives. Welcome to the parti.

Welcome To The Parti

You’re standing in the field. It’s dark. You feel it. It’s a creeping feeling, one you’ve felt before. Everyone is relying on you. Your children need this. Your wife needs this. You need this.

You tell yourself everything is going to be fine, yet that creeping feeling crawls up your spine and slithers into the back of your mind.

A light rain begins to fall. You hear your children playing off in the distance by your home. Your wife calls them in. Her head is down. You can hear it in her voice and see it in her movement.

She knows.

The mud sloshes beneath your boots as you begin the walk across your desolate farm.

A few candles are lit inside your home. You enter and take off your muddy boots. Your wife is holding it together in front of the kids. She’s holding back tears. She knows. You know.

The memory haunts you each day.

You were once on the platform, a step away from boarding the train.

You weren’t sure where the train was going. There was uncertainty there. It fueled your hesitation.

The station was buzzing. The anticipation, excitement, curiosity swirled around the station that night.

You could feel it.

“Where is this train going?” plagued your mind.

Your wife took your hand as the train approached.

The train screeched to a halt and the steam rushed to embrace you.

People by the thousands hurled themselves onto the train immediately.

Some ran away from the lights of the station into the winter darkness.

Chaos ensued.

A robotic, female voice sounded, “The train will be leaving in 15 seconds”.

The grip of your wife’s hand on yours tightened.

Your children peeked down at your feet to see which direction you’d step.

They are locked on you.

You watched as other men, women, and children took the step forward onto the train.

“The train will be departing in 15 seconds”.

Your wife’s hand was now suffocating yours.

You stood there. Frozen. Chaos erupted around you as people pushed their way onto the train. The mad rush ensued.

“Does anyone know where it’s going?”, you screamed. Over and over you screamed.

“The train will be departing in 10 seconds”.

Your children clung to you.

“I’m just not sure where it’s going”, you mumbled to your wife.

A familiar face shouted to you, “nobody knows where it’s going” as he jumped onto the train.  

“The train will be departing in 5…4…”

You froze.

“The train is now departing. Stand clear.”

The clank of the train doors echoed through the terminal.

The eyes inside the train window were locked on yours as the train pulled away.

Silence on the platform. Your ears were ringing from the chaos and adrenaline cocktail. Your sweaty shirt clung to you.

A few dozen people remained on the platform. Nobody moved.

Back at the house, you took off your muddy boots and sat next to the fire. Everyone was silent as the fire flickered.

They knew. Everyone knew.

There wouldn’t be another train.


Parti is your train.

The AI revolution is here and it’s all aboard.

You don’t need to know where it’s going in order to take the step.

Your destination is far off in the distance. You can’t see it just yet.

Don't worry.

We see it and we will make it clear for you.

We created Parti to bring you to your destination.

You might feel out of touch or overwhelmed by AI - like you don't know where to start.

Or you might already be using AI to increase efficiency, save time, and create solutions.

At Parti, you'll find a community of people to help you improve your life with AI, regardless of where you're at in your journey.

Learn. Collaborate. Inspire.

Join us on this journey and learn how to harness the powers of AI to change your life.

Your train is here.

Welcome to the Parti.